Anadolu’nun Kayıp Şarkıları

Having the original actors (singers) of the movie: Lost Songs Of Anatolia in the centre of the stage, Anadolu’nun Kayip Sarkilari ‘’Live’’ brings together improvised contemporary music with the hidden treasures of Anatolia.

Çağrı Sertel

Çağrı Sertel brings together his approach to modern music with ethnic tunes with progressive elements. Different colors of sounds in his music, his cross-genre transperency and dynamism takes the auidence to a fine selection of musical journeys.

Korhan Futacı

A powerful, yet melodic and free music from Istanbul. Korhan Futaci is a beautiful soul and a very talented saxophone player with a super open approach.


MadenOktemErsonmez is a modern jazz trio which brings together some of the finest musicians from Istanbul, Turkey. The performance includes a huge scale of greens from jazz, rock, drum’n bass, punk, noise, electronic to ambient.

Sarp Maden

Sarp Maden, one of the leading figures of Turkey’s jazz scene is currently busy with diving into new chapters, opening new doors of his artistic journey. Together with his jazz projects, Sarp will soon have his ‘solo’ project. More info soon!