is a group company for ideas in convergence of culture, tech and impact.

We design and execute strategies to make better versions of businesses.

In the beginner’s mind there are so many possibilities that an expert lacks. No matter how advanced our knowledge of a subject is, we try to maintain the clarity of the beginner mind. We are not afraid to take the unconventional path when needed.

For our company active in two countries, a global perspective means being open to new ideas, challenges and solutions. In this way, we continue to learn from others and convey what we know every day.

For both our start-ups and our partners, we combine their best abilities with our best practices which we gained through our previous experiences. We think that institutionalising competencies is very important for development.

We observe that empirical problem solving, together with basic skills and competencies, paves the way for finding more successful methods that improve capacity. While creating creative strategies, we also test these strategies throughout the process.

Our future thinking toolkit and mindset helps us to create a platform for greater collaboration, curiosity and co- creation to enable new, innovative solutions and better ways of doing things. 


Idea and Concept Development

Content Creation and Planning

Process Design

Consultancy Services

Business and Partnership Development

Growth Management

Communication and Marketing

Curious Community

XJAZZ Istanbul

Bergama Theatre Festival

Space Goats

Bozcaada Jazz Festival



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Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park – Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin