We are an arts collective based in Berlin and İstanbul.

Communicating with the universe through arts, we aim to bring social impact and technology into our ideas.

  • We create and promote events that;

    – would like to attend
    – enjoy and have a good time!

    – curious
    – open
    – fresh, new
    – democratic

    cares about;
    – social impact
    – details
    – environment
    – its relationship with local

  • Please check out Erişilebilir Her Şey, an accessibility platform we are running together with a group of beautiful souls.

    We are curious, we want to learn forever! Here is Curious Community, a series that brings together some curious people.

  • We book performers and artists from different genres. Some of the past bookings include (alphabetical order);

    Alice Phoebe Lou, Art Department, Benny Greb, Blixa Bargeld, Chassol, Christian Loffler, Derrick May, Estas Tonne, Federico Albenese, Flying Circus (Martin Buttrich & Audiofly), Francesco Tristiano, Grandborthers, Guillaume Perret, Guti, Hildur, Kraak & Smaak, Lambert, Martin Kohlstedt, Pan-Pot, Peter Broderick, Sebastian Studnitzky, Steve Rachmad, Soweto Kinch, Stimming, Tinariwen, Yussef Dayes.

    We also work with some of the best cats that we admire a lot! Please check our talent management page for details.